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Deborah Samson - Revolutionary Soldier

Anna Smith as Revolutionary soldier Deborah Samsonis portrayed by Anna Smith. “They said a Woman could not fight for her Country, They did not know Deborah Samson.  Samson disguises as a man and joins General George Washington’s Continental Army to fight for American Independence from England’s King George III.  Samson is the first known woman to receive a pension of land and money for her military expernence.in the Revolutionary War.  Samson is descended of Governor William Bradford, Captain Miles Standish-Mayflower Pilgrims and Captain Simeon Samson of the French & Indian Wars. Stories of Their bravery gave her the Strength and courage to fight for what she believed in.  Her New Republic - The United States of America.
No American story is like hers.  She fought bravely not only for her Country but for her pension that was owed to her by her Country which she continues to fight for the rest of her life.  She had proof she fought, her name was on the role call list.  “Shouldn’t she deserve a pension same as a man she continued to ask Congress”.

Smith is a twenty-one year veteran of the Army Guard AGR program and Kansas National Guard, retiring in 2001.  Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science History from Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas.  Smith belongs to the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historical Performers, Topeka Daughters of American Revolution, Topeka, Kansas, The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary unit,  VFW Auxiliary and an Honorary member of the Kansa Sons of the American Revolution.

The historical presentation Mrs. J.T. Smith (Henrietta as she is known to her friends). In 1877, Henrietta gathers up her three sons to follows her husband, a Civil War Union Captain and successful Lawyer from Boone County, Indiana to build a home in Kansas, but not just any place in Kansas.  They have left for a little town out on the Kansas Plains.  Would there really be a town, what would the people be like, would there Indian’s?  As they travel, she writes in her journal as she records the joys and frustrations of their new life to be.

Imagine their surprise as they arrive in Lincoln Center, a “REAL” town of 150 citizens!

Her story reflects on her first twelve years which are full of adventure, joy, sorrows and hardships on the Kansas plains.

Smith is able to bring Henrietta’s “Story to life” as she is her great grand niece.

Mrs. J.T. Smith


Audience: grade school through Adult
Length: 20-50 minutes
Fees: Reasonable

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Anna Smith




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