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Sarah Kemble Knight

Janet Hutchingson as Madam KnightIn October of 1704 Sarah Kemble Knight began a four-month business trip by herself on horseback from Boston to New York and back, the first recorded female business trip in the American colonies. Her journal, a precursor to travel journals of pioneer women, describes with great humor her adventures along the way.

Dr. Janet Burnett Huchingson, author With No Little Regrett, a novel based on Knight’s journal, has brought Knight’s experiences to life for audiences of all ages and of varying interests since 1995.

Huchingson received a B.S. in Education from the University of Kansas and Doctor of Arts degree from State University of New York at Albany. Her special interest is how history can be learned through literature. In thirty years as an educator, she has taught kindergarteners through adults, in the U.S. and abroad.

Like Knight, Huchingson is willing to travel anywhere.

“A Cup of Cider in Madam Knight’s Ordinary,” performed by Huchingson, recounts some of her experiences on the Boston Post Road. She reads some passages from her journal to customers who have stopped in for a cup of cider.

Fees are negotiable

Contact information

Janet Burnett Huchingson
785-393-2254 cell
16660 21st Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
jgerba63@hotmail.com or colonialamericanpress@yahoo.com

For more information on Knight

Read about Knight and her journal on the publisher’s website www.colonialamericanpress.com

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